Spectrum is a LED circus show that combines circus, LED juggling, acrobatics & dance

About this LED Juggling Show:

Featuring the talent of some of Europe’s top LED performers (including ex Cirque du Soleil), Spectrum is a LED juggling show full of wonder. 

This french circus show explores new LED/Pixel technologies in a warm atmosphere. The show is set to an energetic soundtrack which is a far cry from the cliché, electro soundtracks of many LED shows.

Experience & Passion

Our LED juggling shows are created by ex Cirque du Soleil performer Srikanta Barefoot & his classically trained partner Jen Barefoot. 

The two are pioneers in what has come to be termed dance-based fire dance; a choreographic & dance-based approach which emphasizes full body movement, musicality & stage presence.  The resulting hybrid performance is a blend of dance, theater and LED juggling designed to connect and inspire audiences of all kinds.  

Available options

Spectrum features a variety of LED juggling acts and the option to add a LED/ pixel Cyr wheel act & the LED arch from In flux.

Logo Reveal:

LED juggling with pixel poi logo reveal france

Reveal your company’s logo or the name of your event on our pixel poi!

Grand Final Option:

Circus acts with entertainment agency Fusion Arts in France

A grand pyrotechnic finale with pyro staffs & pyro fans is available for the ultimate wow effect. The use of indoor stage gerbs permit a risk-free pyrotechnic finale to take place within theaters & clubs.  


4 or 6 Artists / 25 or 30 minutes / Interior

Featured in this LED juggling show : LED performers with a wide variety of LED juggling props

Available options:
LED Cyr wheel act + 5 minutes of show = +500€
LED arch (from In flux)Personalised logo reveal during the show (pixel poi logo reveal)
Pyrotechnic finale (cold, indoor stage-gerbs)

Minimum stage dimensions:
     6m depth x 8m width x 5m (min) height

Minimum security dimensions:
     8m depth x 10m width x 5m (min) height

Type of event:
     City events, festivals of light, Christmas shows, wedding entertainment shows & theater shows