In Flux is a unique LED juggling show fusing the newest LED technology, magic, dance and acrobatics. 

About In flux :

In flux is a modern light magic act in which the performer will attempt to light a candle with his mind.  The main characteristic of this LED juggling show is a custom-made, transportable, LED arch with 10m of programmed LED lights, interacting with various programmable LED juggling equipment used within the dance. Telling a story of a small piece of light growing into a powerful element that guides the dancer and the audience through a universe full of audio-visual illusions, twists, funny and unexpected moments, this show will feel much more like a cinematic experience, rather than a regular LED juggling act!

For special event galas, In Flux is available as a 9:30 circus act. For festivals, In flux is available in a longer format of 25 minutes (LED juggling, fire juggling and pyrotechnic grand finale).  A 17 minute, non-fire, all-LED version of the show is available upon demand.  

25 minute version with fire :


1 Artist / 9:30 (gala act); 25 minutes (show) / Exterior & Interior

Featured in In Flux : LED Juggling, LED Staffs, Pixel Poi & LED performance with a wide variety of LED props.

The 25 minute show also includes: Fire performance with lyco katana, single staff, double & triple fire poi, double & triple staff, charcoal poi & pyrotechnics 

Available Options:
Personalised logo reveal during the show (with pixel poi)
Grand final pyrotechnic

Ideal stage dimension (gala act): 6 m depth x 8 m width x 4 m height

Ideal stage dimension (25 minute show): 8 m depth x 12 m width x 5 m height