A LED performance show & a mythical tale of hope 

Using circus, theater & colors as symbols,
Astrea is a LED performance show, a visual feast & an epic adventure

Inspired by the greek myth of Astrea, this LED Circus Show explores the human condition & humanity’s potential through the lens of myth.  Full of meaning but without words, the story unfolds through a ceaseless chain of action packed events, never allowing even the youngest of publics to lose interest.  By blending ancient & modern, theater, dance, circus, martial arts & state of the art LED technology, Astrea tells an inspiring story;
it’s our story & each of us has a role to play. 


2 or 4 Artists  /  35 or 45 minutes / Interior

Featured in this LED performance show:  LED jugglers, LED performers, pixel poi, pixel Cyr wheel performance & many more unique LED circus acts.

Options available upon client’s request:
Aerial hoop performance & aerial tissu performance
Fire performance can replace LED performance in up to 3 acts of this 9 act LED circus show
Personalised logo reveal during the LED show (with pixel poi)

Ideal stage dimensions:
Duo: 8m depth x 10m width x 5m height
4-Person: 12 m depth x 14 m width x 7m55 or 5m55 height

Ideal security dimensions: 
Duo: 10m depth x 12m width x 5m height
4-Person: 14 m depth x 14 m width x 7m55 or 5m55 height

Type of event: City events, festivals, Christmas shows & theatre shows


By working together towards a common vision, humanity can overcome the challenges of our time to create a brighter future.

Humanity has jeopardized its environment to the point of catastrophe. Each of us faces an urgent choice: Do we live & act to please ourselves, without regard for others & the environment or do we live with & act for the good of all?

From a utopian vision of the past, through the current crisis & on to a brighter future, Astrea explores this central moral problem in dramatic & visually stunning ways.

The show suggests that a leap of compassion, solidarity & collaboration is necessary if we are to become the custodians (& not the destroyers) of life on earth. The show goes further to marvel at the limitless potential of a united humanity & our destiny amongst the stars.


Over the first 5 months of 2021, I worked ceaselessly to bring Astrea to life. Given the current ecological crisis coupled with the covid-19 pandemic, it seems clear that humanity is at a crossroads & has an important choice to make; a choice which will have long-lasting & potentially devastating consequences.

I felt a sense of urgency to tell a story to inspire humanity towards a positive direction & to convey the idea that the choice is each of ours; the power is in each of our hands.

Crafting a story without the use of words as well as broaching such a charged subject while keeping politics out of it, required a lot of reflection. I had the additional goal of keeping the show action packed & visually stunning in every moment so that even the youngest viewer could enjoy the show. By using a kind of color puzzle as a symbol, focusing on the human condition & celebrating the beauty this life & planet have to offer, the story of Astrea found its way.