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Fusion Arts Pro Fire Staffs are light-weight and durable fire staffs designed by professionals for professionals.

Choose from 3 standard sizes or design your own custom-built fire staff:
SMALL: 130cm (51”) staff length. 18cm (7”) of 6mm (¼”) rope wick
MEDIUM: 142cm (56”) staff length. 23cm (9”) of 6mm (¼”) rope wick
LARGE: 150cm (59”) staff length. 23cm (9”) of 9mm (⅜ ”) rope wick

Need some help choosing?
Check out Srikanta’s blog on Choosing a Fire Staff which is right for you

This item: FIRE STAFF
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    Choose the tube diameter: 19mm (3/4") or 25.4mm (1")

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    Please choose desired wick diameter (6mm or 10mm) and length.
    **We recommend 6mm (1/4") Rope Wick/ 20-22cm (7.8-8.6") & 10mm (3/8") Rope Wick/ 15-17cm (5.9-6.7")

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    Choose a total staff length up to 160 centimeters max


With 20 years experience building my own props and 15 years testing & perfecting this particular design, I’m thrilled to make these available to my students and other aspiring and professional fire dancers! They are by far the most durable, light-weight fire staffs available anywhere.

The style of staff manipulation I’ve developed and teach simply doesn’t work with the majority of staffs on the market because they are either too heavy or made from bendable aluminium and don’t spin straight (making fast spinning, contact & tosses problematic). My first set of titanium staffs revolutionised my performance. Suddenly I wasn’t fighting against the weight of the heavy metal tubing & unnecessary hardware found in typical fire staff designs. Direction changes, fast spinning, tosses…everything became easy, effortless and enjoyable, allowing me to focus on grace and fluidity in my movements.

I began offering my pro fire staffs to my students back in 2015 and the general public shortly thereafter.  They are a tried and tested product which has helped to revolutionise the way people spin.  I’ve done well over 1,000 shows with my original pair of titanium staffs (+? hours practice time) and after 10+ years, they still function as well as on day one.

4 reviews for FIRE STAFF

  1. Lee Carnwell

    Quite honestly, the best staff I have ever used

  2. Ben

    This staff is simply amazing! Not only am I discovering new contact moves, but it allows me to increase my speed with the moves I already know. Feels good!

  3. Fackel Philipp

    Last Saturday I set the beast on fire and I must say it’s really really nice. It’s a real pleasure to play with the staff and I can’t wait to learn some acrobatic moves and jumps from you 😉

  4. Alex

    I love my new staff!!! Thank you so much for making my very first fire spinning experience truly perfect. It felt so balanced and comfortable in my hands, and even with only 2 weeks of playing with a broomstick I felt in control of the staff. I know there is so much potential for growth and am excited to be starting my journey with fire and dance this way 🙂

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