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Choose from 3 sizes of monkey fist fire heads for poi, rope dart, meteor, etc. Sold by the unit, each head comes with a 3mm quick link for easy connection to your prop.


Benefits of our design:

Sleek Design:
The monkey-fist poi-heads form perfect flaming circles & feel a lot like contact poi.
Minimal Metal Hardware:
We import special metal pieces which maximise strength & durability while minimising overall surface area. This means there is less risk of metal burns & more focus on the fire itself (rather than the clumsy metal hardware found in most fire poi designs).
Longer Burn Time + Brighter Flames:
Many fire poi are made with wick which simply doesn’t perform as well as the knit rope wick we use.  We’ve tested burn-time & life-span of different wick types for years (including tape wicks and the type of rope wick typically used in monkey fist poi).  The knit-rope wick soaks up much more fuel than other types of rope wick resulting in longer burn time & bigger/ brighter flames.


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