Shop orders are currently available only to participants of our fire dance retreats.

Welcome to Fusion Arts Pro Fire Dance Shop!

Fusion Arts proposes a unique line of custom-made fire dance tools designed by ex Cirque du Soleil fire dancer Srikanta Barefoot.

The shop currently offers pro fire poi, pro fire staffspro fire ropes, big-flame fire ropes & a small range of accessories.

Custom-Made Fire Dance Tools

Pro Fire Staff


Choose between two diameters of tubing & various wick sizes & lengths.  Add a handy extinguisher & carry bag.

Pro Fire Ropes


Inspired from a design by Spark Fire Dance, these light-weight fire ropes allow for quick spinning & beautiful flaming traces.  Choose your preferred size, length & handle type.  Add a handy carry bag.

Pro Fire Poi


Design the fire poi which best suits you & your performance style! Choose from 3 sizes of monkey-fist poi heads, chain length & multiple handle options including pomgrips.


-10 %    Order 2 or more props with the exact same dimensions (ie double staffs…)

A message from Srikanta

I have over 20 years experience designing & building my own fire dance props.  Unsatisfied with the product lines of fire dance shops, I began to design & build my own.  I’ve always strived to eliminate unnecessary weight & hardware while maximising burn-time, durability & comfort.  

As I’m constantly creating, testing & redesigning my own fire tools, including over 3 years with the Cirque du Soleil, I have some unique insight into creating fire poi, fire staffs, fire swords & fire ropes which both feel & perform great.   The impetus for making my props available to the public came from wanting to allow students of my workshops & retreats the chance to excel. 

All orders are custom because pro fire dancers need fire tools which are adapted to their specific height, style & goals.   At the bottom of each product page, you will find an interactive form which allows you to choose the right size, length, amount of wick, etc.  If you have any doubt about what will be the best fit for you, don’t hesitate to contact me so I can help.

Instructional Video Series

Learn to fire dance with ex Cirque du Soleil Fire Dancer Srikanta Barefoot. Over 165 minutes of video! Instruction, inspiration and fun! Learn More…

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