LED Pixel Cyr Wheel ACTS

LED Pixel Cyr wheel acts with ex Cirque du Soleil artist Srikanta Barefoot

About our pixel Cyr wheel acts :

We’ve been presenting LED Cyr wheel acts at events since 2014.  Now equipped with a high-resolution LightToys visual Cyr wheel, we’ve begun pushing the boundaries of what such a high tech and dynamic prop has to offer.  

Two acts to choose from :

We offer two very different solo pixel Cyr wheel acts.  Arabesque is graceful & poetic while Chronos is full of suspense, some tricky visual illusions & set to a more dynamic musical track.  We also propose a hybrid act called Echo which combines LED pixel Cyr wheel technique & LED juggling with options for logo reveal.  

Duo & custom creations :

We are often hired to create custom acts featuring two or more Cyr wheel artists.  If neither of our standard acts fit your vision or the theme of your event, feel free to inquire about a custom creation.

THEME:  Time 

The theme of this action-packed pixel Cyr wheel act is time and one’s relation to time.  Using some tricky LED programming and visual illusion, the performer transforms the wheel into a giant clock and manipulates time, traveling to the past and into the future.  

THEME:  Grace & fluidity

The LED pixel Cyr wheel is programmed to display beautiful colors and patterns, matching the performers graceful movements.  The music, colors/ patterns & choreography all align and build to an infectious crescendo in this original Fusion Arts creation.