Pixel Cyr wheel act with ex Cirque du Soleil artist Srikanta Barefoot

About Chronos :

THEME:  Time 

The theme of this action-packed pixel Cyr wheel act is time and the one’s relation to time.  Using some tricky LED programming and visual illusion, the performer transforms the wheel into a giant clock and manipulates time, traveling to the past and into the future.  

Chronos is set to the music Overthought by Feverkin.  

*The LED arch which appears in this video is not a part of this act but appears in In flux & Mirage

Information about the act :

1 Artist / 5:15 minutes / Interior
Minimum stage dimensions:
 6m depth x 6m width x 2m height
Minimum safety zone area:
 7m depth x 7m width x 2 m height
*The acrobatic performance with the LED Cyr Wheel requires special flooring.  Technical Rider available upon request

Booked with this act :

Arabesque is often booked along with one or both of Srikanta’s solo LED juggling acts (Candella &/or Spectre).  This way clients enjoy two or three unique LED circus acts performed by an ex Cirque du Soleil Artist while saving on transportation & accommodation fees.  


Fusion Arts pixel Cyr wheel acts have been performed at private parties and corporate events across the world since 2014.  In 2020, the act received a serious upgrade: a pixel Cyr wheel able to display patterns and leaving trails in the air as it spins.  The effect is best seen live and is difficult to capture on video due to the way cameras capture images.  

Past events include :  Gala APAJH (Louvres 2018), Forum Vivatech (Paris 2019), Dubai Tour (2014), Huawei (Istanbul 2014), Banque LCL (Louvres 2016), Mercedes (Belgium 2015)…