An ambitiously high-tech, dynamic & imaginative LED circus act,
ECHO tells a story of self-discovery, rivalry & cooperation. 


Srikanta Barefoot (ex Cirque du Soleil) & his partner Vojta combine LED juggling, dance, acrobatics & acting to create a truly unique & modern LED circus act.  The LED show is set to an upbeat & compelling soundtrack, bringing the audience on a journey of mystery & wonder.

This LED circus show is available in two formats, either with (9 minutes) or without (6:30) acrobatic performance with the pixel Cyr wheel.


Through collaboration, strength, perseverance and creativity we have the potential to make meaningful & enduring achievements.  This is as true for individuals as it is for companies or any group of people who aspire to achieve something of value. 


Humanity is constantly faced with its own echo, whether it be the echo of the self or the echo of the other.  But how does one choose to meet this challenge?  The spectrum is wide, encompassing both cooperation & conflict.
ECHO addresses this critical question by exploring self-discovery, rivalry & collaboration in an action-packed & colourful tangle.  


DUO – 9 minutes – Interior

Featured in this LED juggling act :
LED Juggling & acrobatic LED performance with the pixel Cyr wheel, pixel staffs, LED square, LED cube & pixel poi.

Available Options:
Personalised logo reveal during the show (with pixel poi)

Ideal stage dimension: 8 m depth x 10 m width x 5 m height

Ideal security dimensions : 10 m depth x 12 m width x 5 m height

Type of event: Corporate event shows, private event shows, special event shows, award shows…

*The acrobatic performance with the LED Cyr Wheel requires special flooring.  Technical Rider available upon request

LED juggling show Echo with LED performers Srikanta & Vojta by the company Fusion Arts in France