Solo fire circus act by ex Cirque du Soleil fire performer Srikanta Barefoot

Renowned for his technique & energy on stage, Srikanta mixes dance, acrobatics & theatrical stage presence in this rhythmic & original fire circus act.

About this Fire Juggling Act:

Dancing Fire is performed by ex Cirque du Soleil artist Srikanta Barefoot.  Srikanta was the first contemporary fire dance artist featured by the Cirque du Soleil, performing over 700 shows in ZAIA. 

He has pioneered a unique approach called dance-based fire dance; a choreographic & dance-based approach which emphasises  musicality, full body movement & stage presence.  

Grand Finale Option:

The standard 6-minute version of this fire circus act features Srikanta’s signature work with the single and double fire staffs, followed by double fire-breathing swords and a 20 second pyro poi finale.  An 8 minute version is available featuring fire performance with sparkle-effect fire ropes.

A grand finale version of the act is available which includes additional pyrotechnics spun with the double staffs or dragon staff for the ultimate wow effect!

Booked with this fire show:

fire cyr wheel act on Das Supertalent by Srikanta Barefoot (ex Cirque du Soleil)

This fire circus show is often booked along with Eclipse, Fusion Arts’ fire Cyr wheel act.  This way clients enjoy two unique fire circus acts performed by an ex Cirque du Soleil Artist while saving on transportation & accommodation fees.  


1 Artist / 6 or 8 minutes / Exterior & Interior

Featured in this fire circus act: Fire dance act & fire juggling act featuring fire performance with fire staffs, fire ropes with sparkle effects, fire swords with fire-breathing flame effects and pyrotechnic juggling.

Available Options:
Grand pyrotechnic finale with pyro staffs
Indoor stage gerbs (indoor pyrotechnic finale)

Ideal stage dimensions: 6m deth x 8m width x 6m height

Ideal security dimensions: 8m depth x 12m width x 6m height

Type of event: Corporate event shows, private event shows, special event shows, award shows…