STREETSIDE is a street parade show featuring dancers and live musicians

About this Street Parade Show:

With a mixed repertoire of jazz, funk, swing and Boogaloo, Streetside is a catalyst for fun!  Each artist brings their own touch to this infectious street parade show!

The dancers & musicians stroll through the streets with their infectious rhythms and movements! Each new location presents an opportunity to improvise and interact with the urban environment.

5, 6 or 7 Artists:

The full version of this street parade show features 4 musicians & 3 dancers.   For events with smaller budgets, two smaller versions of the show are available.    

Walkabout Entertainment:

The show can be transformed to provide walkabout entertainment at special events.  The group has a grand repertoire and can adapt to event themes.  The show may be presented along with LED costumes and LED juggling in the evening.  

Wedding Entertainment Option:

The show can be adapted to provide wedding entertainment in several formats.  The band can accompany the happy hour followed by a dance performance with live music.  This format is available with 2-7 artists.  


Featured in this street parade show : Street Parade Show with live musicians & dancers

Number of Artists :
7 (4 musicians & 3 dancers)
6 (4 musicians & 2 dancers)
5 (3 musicians & 2 dancers)

Duration : Street parade show presented as 1 x 1h30, 2 x 45 minutes or 3 x 30 minutes

Format: This french street parade show includes both walkabout performances &  fixed scenes (which take place in one location). We can adapt to the space you have, and your chosen route.

Options:  LED costumes and LED juggling at night

Space for fixed scenes : 4 m depth x 7 m width(minimum)

Technically autonomous show, no electricity needed.