STREETSIDE is street parade show made up of dancers and live musicians

With a mixed repertoire of jazz, funk, swing and Boogaloo, Streetside is a catalyst for fun!  Each artist brings their own touch to this infectious street parade show!

The dancers & musicians stroll through the streets, take the side roads atop the most refractory cobblestones to the sixteenth note! This show reinvents itself with each performance: each unique location presents an opportunity to improvise, compose and play with the urban environment.


Featured in this street parade show : Street Parade Show with live musicians & dancers

Number of Artists :
7 (4 musicians & 3 dancers)
6 (4 musicians & 2 dancers)
5 (3 musicians & 2 dancers)

Duration : Street parade show presented as 1 x 1h30, 2 x 45 minutes or 3 x 30 minutes

Format: This french street parade show includes both walkabout performances &  fixed scenes (which take place in one location). We can adapt to the space you have, and your chosen route.

Space for fixed scenes : 4 m depth x 7 m width(minimum)

Technically autonomous show, no electricity needed.

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