You will want to consider the dimensions of your handle when defining your total poi length. The knuckle to floor calculation is a great starting point. Now you will want to add the amount of your handle which IS NOT between your knuckles and the floor. This is generally 4.5cm for pomgrip handles, 2cm for double loop handles & 6.5cm for single loop handles (although people hold single loop handles in different ways so it can vary a bit).

For example, if you measure 60cm from your knuckles to the floor and you decide to subtract 10cm (so that your poi won’t skim the floor while you spin), you get 50cm.
For pomgrip handles, you would then add 4.5cm, making your total poi length 54.5cm
Or if you were to choose double loop handles or single loop handles your total poi length would be 52cm & 56.5cm accordingly.

Here are some pictures and specs to assist in your calculation. If you end up tying yourself in a knot, we are here to help! Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Handle Specs:
Single Loop Handles: 12.5cm total length
Double Loop Handles: 9.5cm total length
Pomgrips: *11.5cm total length
*Fusion Arts Pomgrip Handles are composed of pomgrips (2.5cm), technora and a swivel