Midnight Moon is a colourful fire and LED juggling show
inspired by the Glamour of the 1960’s

About this Fire & LED show

With a mix of humour, flirtation & fun, Midnight Moon takes spectators back through time in this unique fire and LED juggling show.  The carefully staged choreographies, the mastery of the artists (ex Cirque du Soleil) & the variety of props never cease to surprise the spectator.

As a LED & fire juggling show with a 1960’s theme, Midnight Moon features the iconic sounds of artists such as Frank Sinatra, Etta James, Louis Armstrong & many others.  Tried and tested at city events & festivals across France, Midnight Moon offers something for spectators of all ages.  


3 Artists / 35 minutes / Interior & Exterior

Featured in this fire & LED show : Fire performance and LED performance with fire performers & LED performers and pyro juggling finale

Available options:
Personalised logo reveal during the show (pixel poi logo reveal)
Indoor stage gerbs

Ideal stage dimensions: 8 m depth x 10 m width x 6 m height

Ideal security dimensions: 12 m depth x 18 m width x 6 m height

Type of event: City events, festivals, Christmas markets & street shows