“Enduring love is that which always keeps the forces of two beings in balance” Honoré de Balzac

About this wedding entertainment circus show:

Equinoxe tells the story of an encounter, the discovery of the other, the game of seduction that is established between these two beings for a finale filled with emotions.

In search of the perfect balance, the two acrobats rely on their mutual strengths to meet the challenges facing them.

In this show, circus techniques mingle with LED/Pixel technologies. This clever mix accentuates in an original and modern way the qualities of strength, flexibility and balance of this acrobatic duo.

About the artists:

As Equinoxe is performed by an acrobatic couple (both onstage and off) this LED circus show is a unique fit for wedding animation.  Years of partnership onstage and in life give the performance an authentic feel which can’t be faked.  

Pixel Poi Logo Reveal:

LED juggling with pixel poi logo reveal france

Reveal your company’s logo or the name of your event on our pixel poi!

For wedding entertainment shows, include a special phrase or the names of the married couple for a personal touch.  


2 Artists / 16 minutes / Exterior & Interior

Featured in this wedding entertainment circus show : Cane balancing, acrobatic adagio, hand balancing & hand to hand; LED performers with LED Buugeng & pixel poi.

Available options:
Contortion inside of a 2m25 bubble (interior only)
Personalised logo reveal during the LED show (pixel poi logo reveal)

Ideal stage dimensions: 4 m depth x 6 m width x 4m10 height

Type of event: Wedding entertainment shows, birthday & anniversary shows, city events, street shows








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