About this LED Juggling Act:

Spectre is a LED juggling act which combines LED juggling and dance.  Featuring the talent of some of Europe’s top LED performers (including ex Cirque du Soleil), the act is available in multiple formats with 1 to 4 artistes.

The show features some of Fusion Arts unique LED props like the LED skirt, LED square & LED cube.  

Spectre's success:

Spectrum has been presented at numerous corporate event shows in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg.  It is a popular choice at corporate event shows, private event shows, special event shows, award shows and high-tech events.  

Quartet, Trio & Duo:

Quartet & Trio:  LED skirt & buugeng, LED square or LED tetrahedron, LED cube, pixel staffs  &/ or hula hoops, pixel poi with logo reveal.

Duo (male-female): LED skirt, LED square, LED tetrahedron, pixel staffs, pixel poi with logo reveal.

Duo (male):  LED square, LED cube, pixel staffs, triple staff juggling or buugeng, pixel poi with logo reveal.


Solo acts performed by either Srikanta (ex Cirque du Soleil) or Vojta

Srikanta’s act:  Buugeng, LED square, LED cube, pixel poi with logo reveal.

Vojta’s act:  Single & double staffs, triple staff juggling, pixel poi with logo reveal.


Duration (1-4 artists): 7 minutes (or 6 minutes without cube/ tetrahedron)

Minimum stage dimensions (1-4 artists):
6 m depth x 8 m width x 5 m height (with cube/ tetrahedron)
4 m depth x 6 m width x 4 m height (without cube/ tetrahedron)


Pixel Poi Logo Reveal

LED juggling with pixel poi logo reveal france

Reveal your company’s logo or the name of your event on our pixel poi!  

Pyro Grand Finale:

Circus acts with entertainment agency Fusion Arts in France

A grand pyrotechnic finale with indoor stage gerbs is available for the ultimate wow effect. 

The use of indoor stage gerbs permit a risk-free pyrotechnic finale to take place within theaters & clubs.