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Learn, Play, Discover & Unwind!

The Fire Dance & Flow Retreat on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Oahu combines poi & staff workshops with pristine nature and adventure expeditions.

The event takes place at a private retreat center located in a secluded valley amidst majestic mountains & forests with a 15 minute walk to the beach!

Staff & poi lessons are balanced with playing, relaxing and discovering Oahu’s rich natural and cultural heritage.  Participants can choose their level of challenge but overall this retreat is very conducive to taking it easy and enjoying the ride. 

In addition to daily staff & poi classes & nightly fire jams, we’ll explore many amazing places around Oahu (private transportation organised): Pristine beaches, waterfalls, volcanoes. 

Join us for adventure & fun in Oahu, Hawaii!


This event is open to anyone interested in learning to fire dance, from total beginners to experience fire performers.  Staff & poi workshops are combined with adventure expeditions and down time in some seriously incredible spots!


On Monday afternoon,  join the group at the beach for downtime & a sunset fire jam.  You can already test out some of the new concepts you’ve learned, or just hang/ do your own thing. It’s an opportunity to both connect with your comrades and to enjoy the amazing surroundings.

On Tuesday evening, we’ll have a bonfire & fire jam at the retreat center!

On Wednesday, we’ll set out for a jungle/ waterfall hike followed by a sunset cruise

On Thursday, we will enjoy sunset & a fire jam at one of the islands most beautiful beaches, Waimea Beach.

On Friday, the retreat activities end in the afternoon and are followed by the Lunar Vibes Event from July 19-21. As a retreat participant, attending Lunar Vibes is free and encouraged!


The July 2024 Oahu Fire Dance Retreat runs from Sunday July 14 to Friday July 19.

Orientation begins at 4pm on Sunday  (arrive as early as 3pm).

On Friday, following the retreat, join us for Lunar Vibes! Lunar vibes is a separate event which you are invited (and encouraged!) to attend.  The event includes live music, cultural workshops, dance and circus  shows at the same location as the retreat. Fire performance plays a big role in the event with an open fire circle on both nights.  More info coming soon.


Lunch & Dinner is provided for all retreat participants from dinner on Sunday July 14 through lunch on Friday July 19.

Please inform us of any allergies or food restrictions. Meals are both organic & vegetarian.


Jen & Srikanta Barefoot

LED performers in Monaco by the company Fusion Arts based in Montpellier France

Srikanta was the first Contemporary Fire Dancer featured by the Cirque du Soleil (2007-2010), performing over 700 shows using fire poi, fire staff, double fire staff & double fire swords. He has 20 years of experience fire dancing including his position of Fire Dancing Coach and Lead Fire Dancer for Cirque Du Soleil. 

As the founder of dance-based fire dance, Srikanta is passionate about combining fire dance techniques with stage presence, story, full body movement & dance!  He has taught poi & staff workshops at locations worldwide since 2003 and has created an Instructional Video Series called Dancing with the Fire Staff to help students learn fire dancing.

Jen has a background in ballet & contemporary dance.  She has been an integral part of Srikanta’s teaching since 2011.  She continues to refine both their contemporary style of fire dance and the way it’s taught. 

The two combine fire dance technique with martial arts, acrobatics & dance in their shows as well as in their instructional classes.

Stage de jonglage de feu en France!  Rejoignez-nous !

14-20 AVRIL 2024



Once you’ve registered we’ll send you an info pack with lots of useful info to help you to prepare for the event. For example:

You will need to bring your own poi & staff or alternatively, you can benefit from a participant discount and free delivery when ordering from the  Fusion Arts Shop.  Please place your orders before June 1.

Take advantage of free shuttles between the retreat venue & the airport.

Tips on what to bring to make the most of your experience


Super Early Bird: Register before October 15 2023

Early Bird: Register before January 15 2024

Register After January 15 2024

Pré-inscrivez-vous pour réserver votre place

Les pré-inscriptions sont maintenant ouvertes. Contactez-nous pour être ajouté à la liste d’attente et être averti dès l’ouverture des inscriptions.