Srikanta’s workshops combine object manipulation technique with rhythm, full body movement, acrobatics and dance.

Typical workshops include:

– Warm up & Review of Basic and Intermediate Patterns
– Technique: Learning new patterns & tricks
– Fluidity & Dance: Transitions, combining movements to make sequences or choreography
– Floor Portion: Full body movement, dance & acrobatics

Don’t miss these fun and active workshops with one of the world’s most acclaimed fire artists!

All Workshops are Intermediate Level. Please watch Srikanta’s Fire Dance Workshop Prerequisite Videos for the poi and staff before enrolling to verify that you are properly prepared for the workshop. Those who are already familiar with the patterns covered in the videos will benefit most. Those who are unfamiliar are welcome to attend so long as they are up for a high level of challenge and accept that the class will move at a fast pace.

Typical Weekend Workshop Schedule:
Day 1:
2 hour Poi Workshop
2 hour Staff Workshop 1

Day 2:
2 hour Staff Workshop 2
2 hour Double Staff Workshop
Evening Jam/ Playtime

Notable past workshop locations include:

Haridwar INDIA
Vancouver CANADA
Toronto CANADA
Montreal CANADA
Los Angeles USA
Santa Cruz USA
San Francisco USA
Portland USA
Seattle USA

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