A non-refundable payment is due in order to complete a reservation. Submitted applications that are not accompanied by payment will not be taken seriously and will not hold precedence over applications which may be received thereafter. If a reservation is canceled more than one-week prior to the start date, the payment may be used towards any future program by the applicant or by any person the applicant chooses to transfer the deposit to (excluding those already enrolled in our program at time of cancellation). We will reschedule up to 3 times for you if necessary. After 4 cancellations, the deposit will be forfeited. If a program is cancelled after classes have begun or if there is a failure to arrive without notification, the payment will also be forfeited.

Payment is due in full prior to arrival at the workshop location. Classes will only be permitted for those who have completed their payment in full. Students who fail to pay will be asked to leave. Once programs have begun, refunds will not be given except for extreme circumstances deemed necessary by the discretion of Fusion Arts.

If Fusion Arts must cancel a program in its entirety, all payments for such programs will be returned in full. Fusion Arts is not responsible for expenses related to the preparation for any canceled trips including airline tickets.

Any costs incurred due to travel delays, flight cancellations, illness, injury or for other unforeseen reasons will be the responsibility of the participant to whom such incidents occur, and will not be subject to refund or discounted program fees from Fusion Arts.

Fusion Arts recommends participants purchase travel insurance to cover financial loss in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Still, students with special circumstances are advised to contact us with the reasons of their early departure for consideration.

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