Get ready for an adventure!

This unique fire dance retreat is designed to assist Artists with creating their own fire dance or light dance acts.

In addition to daily poi, staff & hula hoop workshops we’ll play theatrical games, discuss performance techniques & assist students in creating their own act or show.

The retreat includes a video shoot at an amazing location in which students are invited to perform segments of their creations with the goal of leaving the retreat with images to help them sell their act.

The week-long Retreat in Sommières is open to all levels of hoop, staff & poi spinners.  We can also assist you with some other techniques which may be in your show (double staffs, contact staff, dragon staff, partner poi/staff, swords, etc).

“I went last year and this was such an amazing time! Be prepared to work hard and learn tons! Srikanta is a fantastic teacher!”
Jennifer  (Costa Rica – 2012)
“Thank you for a great event and all your energy you spent in my improving.  I enjoyed every single minute and wish I could stay much longer.”
Suzanna (Stromboli – 2015)

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Poi & Staff with Jen & Srikanta

Srikanta was the first Contemporary Fire Dancer featured by the Cirque du Soleil (2007-2010), performing over 700 shows using fire poi, fire staff, double fire staff & double fire swords. He has 20 years of experience fire dancing including his position of Fire Dancing Coach and Lead Fire Dancer for Cirque Du Soleil.

Jen has been teaching & performing alongside Srikanta since 2010.  As a trained ballerina & contemporary dancer she brings a unique dance-based perspective to the artform.

Together, the couple combine fire dance technique with martial arts, acrobatics & dance to create dynamic fire shows. Likewise, they teach their students to incorporate full-body movement, stage presence, dance & even acrobatics into their performances.

Srikanta has taught poi & staff workshops at locations worldwide since 2003 and with Jen since 2011.  Fusion Arts offers Week-long Fire Dance Retreats in Bali, France & Spain!  In 2012 Srikanta released an Instructional Video Series called Dancing with the Fire Staff:

Click here for more info & to purchase.

Hula Hoop with Laura

Laura is a passionate and dedicated artist with multiple skills & has performed for several well-known international companies such as Cirque Eloize and Magma Fire theater.  She combines the fire arts, contemporary circus & dance to create elegant and graceful performances. She has 5 years of intensive circus training at the Quebec Circus School (Canada) & 2 years experience as a social circus coach for the Cirque du Soleil, where she developed her teaching and physical movement techniques.

Certified to teach circus in France since 2009, Laura has gone on to teach fire dancing, circus and more particularly hula hoop around the globe, from Montreal in Canada to Gili Air in Indonesia. Drawing upon her diverse experience as a multi-disciplinary circus artist & teacher, Laura has developed original hula hoop techniques & a curriculum which combines dance, juggling and acrobatics.


About the Poi & Staff Workshops

Srikanta & Jen’s poi & staff workshops go far beyond teaching poi & staff technique.  The technique they teach is called dance-based fire dance & focuses on creating graceful & fluid movements not only with the poi & staff but with the entire body.    
  • Warm up & Review of Basic and Intermediate Patterns
  • Technique: Learning new patterns & tricks
  • Fluidity & Dance: Transitions, combining movements to make sequences or choreography
  • Floor Portion: Full body movement, dance & acrobatics

About the Hula Hoop Workshop:

Laura’s Hula Hoop Workshop will help you understanding the basics of circus hoops. During the workshop, you will learn to improve your ability to manipulate the hoops from your head to your toes, and control multiple hoops at once. This workshop will help you to develop the muscle memory needed for on body multi-hoop splits and to understand the techniques behind multi-hooping.
This workshop covers a wide range of hula hoop moves, multi-hoop skills, on body multiple hooping, on arm multiple hooping as well as multi-hoop poses.

Who is welcome to attend?

All levels are welcome AND if you’ve already got the basics under your belt, you will definitely get more out of the workshops. 

This Retreat is catered to those whom aspire to take their technique and act choreography a step further.  The retreat is open to hobbyists as well as aspiring & professional artists.

The emphasis of the retreat is two-fold: improving technique with staff, poi and hula hoop AND building or refining choreography.

Instruction is given in English & French.

Discover Sommières!


Sommières is a commune in the Gard department in southern France, located at the border with the Hérault department It lies 22 km from Nîmes, 28 km from Montpellier. Wikipedia



The accommodation which is provided as part of the retreat package is on the Kedez compound.  The rooms are on the first story with the dance studios and kitchen below.  There are even a couple of trailers outside which can sleep a few people.  The accommodation is a bit rustic but overall its a nice communal space & a fun creative atmosphere.

Those who decide to stay at the compound are required to share a room with 2-4 people per room (we’ll place you with someone of the same sex, if you prefer or with your friends or partner).   Alternatively, you may choose to find your own accommodation elsewhere, in which case we reduce the ticket price by 150eu.

The retreat includes:

6 nights of accommodation at an Artistic Retreat Space. The mornings are dedicated to staff & hula-hoop workshops with poi workshops taking place in the  afternoon.  Instructional classes are held within 2 spacious studios on the Kedez compound. The studios are available almost around the clock for those who want to continue training or creating their acts.

In the afternoon its time to focus on creating your act.  You will be sharing two large studios with other students so its a good idea to bring your headphones so everyone can work in their bubble.  We’ll have a sign up sheet for those who would like individual assistance in creating/ perfecting their acts during the afternoon sessions.

The evenings are dedicated to theatrical games, student and instructor presentations (yes we will also perform for you as a means of sharing our adventures in creating our shows!) and discussing/ experimenting with performance concepts and techniques.

On Thursday we’ll be filming student promotional videos at the temple-ruin-like Carrier du Bon Temps (for those interested in creating a fire or led promo of their act).

Organic vegetarian meals can be booked (lunch and/or dinner) at 9eu per meal.  Join us!

Typical Retreat Concepts:

    • Stage Presence and Character Building
    • Choreography and Act Building
    • Creative and Dramatic Choices- dare!
    • Maximizing effect: How to get a response from your public
    • Optimizing your training
    • Improvisation- Freedom of Movement/ Expression
    • Bringing out your own style
    • Advanced Fueling and Fire Safety Techniques
    • Research techniques in act creation
    • Creation Tips Technical help- music editing, etc.
    • Dancing with the unforseen- what to do when things don’t go as planned

Need Help Planning?

Once we’ve received your registration form and payment, we’ll be sending you a Student Orientation Guide with a ton of practical information to help you plan well and get the most out of your experience.  There is a lot of essential info in this guide including tips on getting to and from Sommières, what to pack, etc.


Early Bird: Register before March 15
550eu staying at Kedez
400eu staying elsewhere
45eu/ lunches Monday-Friday (9eu per meal)
54eu/ dinners Sunday- Friday (9eu per meal)

Lazy Bird:  Register After March 15:
650eu staying at Kedez
500eu staying elsewhere
45eu/ lunches Monday-Friday (9eu per meal)
54eu/ dinners Sunday- Friday (9eu per meal)


Program Start & End Times

The 2020 Retreat in Sommieres runs from 18h30 on Sunday May 17 to 14h on Saturday May 23.  The farewell lunch on Saturday is optional and just for fun (join us!).  There are no activities planned on this day except packing up and saying goodbye.


Please complete the Workshop Application Form.
After clicking on “submit”, you will be led to the retreat payment page where you may pay the 200eu deposit and complete your reservation.
If submitted correctly, we will send you a confirmation email within 72 hours.
*Please read the Fusion Arts Payment and Cancellation Policy for all applications.
Please contact us with any questions or for more information.


Tentative Retreat Schedule:

Sunday May 17th
6:30-8:00pm Student Orientation & Welcome/ Games + Apéro!
8pm Dinner (Organic vegetarian meals are available for 9eu/ meal)

Monday – Friday
9-9:30 Warm up
9:30-11:00 am: Staff or Hoop/ Open Studio (alternating)
11:15 am-12:45 am: Staff or Hoop/ Open Studio (alternating)
9:30-21:45am:  Open Studio in Studio A (for those who choose not to participate in the staff and/or hoop workshops).
13pm Lunch (Organic vegetarian meals are available for 9eu/ meal)
11:45 am – 6:30 pm: Free Time + Open Studio Space for all
15h-16h30 Poi Spinning Workshops/ Open Studio
16h30-20h pm: Individual & Assisted Act Building/ Theatrical Exercises/ Presentations.  Glow and fire jams.
20h Dinner (Organic vegetarian meals are available for 9eu/ meal)

*In addition to this action-packed daily routine, the group sets out to explore the village, the river and the temple-ruin-like Carrier du Bon Temps.

Monday May 18
14h-15h Group Hike to the Château of Sommières (Optional but awesome!)
After dinner LED/ Glow Jam  (also optional but awsome!)

Tuesday May 19
After dinner Fire Jam near Kedez (optional)

Thursday May 21
18h Dinner
19h-22h Fire Act Presentation and filming at Carrier du Bon Temps (Optional but awesome!)

Friday May 22
Party & LED/ Fire Jam at the Kedez!!!

Saturday May 23
Morning: Check out the Saturday Morning Market in the village and gear up for…
12pm Farewell Picnic

Private Instruction

Laura, Srikanta & Jen offer a special discounted rate for workshop participants interested in booking private one-on-one sessions. If you are interested in learning triple staffs, swords or double swords, please contact us in advance to book your private session. It’s best to schedule these sessions in advance to guarantee availability.  You will also be able to sign up for free one-on-one sessions with any of the 3 instructors during the week with the specific intent of workshopping your own act creation/ personal choreography.

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