Srikanta has designed a fun & effective curriculum for learning, challenging students to incorporate full-body movement, stage presence, dance & acrobatics into their performance. He offers private & small group lessons in Paris year-round and at various locations on show and public teaching tours.

Individualised instruction catered to your specific needs and interests

Benefit from Srikanta’s 15 years experience teaching fire dance to hundreds of students worldwide.

Instruction may include:

  • poi, partner poi
  • staff, partner staff, double staff
  • sword, double sword
  • choreography, stage presence &
  • building or refining an act

Contact Srikanta for more info & to schedule a private lesson.


All Poi & Staff Workshops are Intermediate Level. Please watch Srikanta’s Fire Dance Workshop Prerequisite Videos for the poi and staff before booking private classes to verify that you are properly prepared. For double staff, single & double sword, please refer to the prerequisite video for the staff.

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