Join ex Cirque du Soleil Fire Dancer & Coach
Srikanta Barefoot for this special staff workshop.

In addition to learning patterns in which the body is static (fire spinning), students will learn the patterns and techniques for turning, jumping, kicking, etc, in which the body is as implicated as the object (fire dancing).

Watch the Workshop Trailer:

About the instructor:

Srikanta was the first Contemporary Fire Dancer featured by the Cirque du Soleil (2007-2010), performing over 700 shows using fire poi, fire staff, double fire staff & double fire swords. He has 15+ years of experience fire dancing including his position of Fire Dancing Coach and Lead Fire Dancer for Cirque Du Soleil.

Srikanta combines fire dance technique with martial arts, acrobatics & dance to create dynamic fire shows. Likewise, he teaches his students to incorporate full-body movement, stage presence, dance & even acrobatics into their performances.

Srikanta has taught poi & staff workshops at locations worldwide since 2003.  He offers an annual fire staff retreat in Stromboli!  In 2012 he released an Instructional Video Series called Dancing with the Fire Staff:

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Workshop Content &

The March 6th Staff Workshop will be a mixed level workshop exploring intermediate & advanced techniques.  Please ensure you know the required techniques prior to enrolling (presented in the video and listed below).

Prerequisites: (What you should already know) 

  • Vertical: Forwards Figure 8/ Backwards Figure 8/ Half Turns
  • Horizontal: Helicopter/ Around the Waist
  • Optional but Recommended Prep: Full Turns/ Hand Wrap

Mixed Level Curriculum: (What you may learn)

  • Vertical:  Warriors 1 & 2/ Full Turns/ Buzz-saw/ Clock/ Behind-the-back Patterns (Clock Transitions)
  • Horizontal: H Clock/ H Clock Turning/ Slices/ Slice Turning/ Cont. Slice Turning/ Slice Assembly Patterns/Jumps
  • Contact: Hand Wrap/ Cont. 1 Hand Wrap/ Neck Wrap/ Locks
  • Beat Bending: Reel Navigation Patterns/ Anti-Spin Patterns/ Internal Plane Patterns/ Isolation Patterns/ Tracing Patterns
  • More: Performance & Movement Concepts + more!

Recommended Preparation:  Chapters 1,2,3,5,6,8,9, 4*,14* of Srikanta’s Instructional Video Series Dancing with the Fire Staff
Workshop Flow:

  • Warm up & Review of Basic and Intermediate Patterns
  • Technique: Learning new patterns & tricks
  • Fluidity & Dance: Transitions, combining movements to make sequences or choreography
  • Floor Portion: Full body movement, dance & acrobatics

Portland Workshop Info:

Sunday March 6th 2016:
*Please arrive 5-10 minutes early!
**Please bring your own staff.  Fire staff ends must be covered to protect the studio floor.

Center Space:

420 SE 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

Private Instruction

Srikanta will be available for private one-on-one & small group instruction in Portland, LA, Santa Cruz (CA) in February & March 2016.

  • poi, partner poi
  • staff, partner staff, double staff
  • sword, double sword
  • choreography & stage presence
  • building or refining an act

For more info or to book, please contact us

Notable Past Workshops:

  • Berlin GERMANY
  • Vienna AUSTRIA
  • Paris FRANCE
  • Haridwar INDIA
  • Vancouver CANADA
  • Toronto CANADA
  • Montreal CANADA
  • Los Angeles USA
  • Santa Cruz USA
  • San Francisco USA
  • Portland USA
  • Seattle USA

Can’t make it/ Can’t get enough?

retreats flyer2 small

Consider joining us in Italy this Summer for one or two weeks of daily poi or staff classes, nightly fire jams, adventure expeditions and more on the Volcanic Island of Stromboli: July 17-30 2016. Check out Stromboli Fire Dance Retreat Page for videos, photos and more info.

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