STARSCAPE is a visually stunning tale about cosmic explorers and their fight to restore harmony to a universe fallen into discord. 

The tale begins at the dawn of time…

…when galaxies of stars explode into being.  From the mystery & beauty of the cosmos, the explorers appear & begin to discover & play.

But when their game doesn’t work anymore, they must collaborate to create something which will endure; something of worth & meaning.  Through their strength, perseverance & creativity (as well as help from the audience) they will succeed.

The show finishes with a celebration in which the clients logo is revealed through a complex and choreographed symbiosis of dance, led juggling and 3D animation.

The philosophy behind the show:

Through strength, perseverance and creativity we have the potential to make meaningful & enduring achievements.  This is as true for individuals as it is for companies or any group of people who aspire to achieve something of value.


3D Animation with Screen-Artist Interaction

Paramount in Starscape is the clever interaction between the Artists & the Screen.  The show combines 3D animation & state-of-the-art light-dance-technology with dance, juggling & acrobatics.  Objects which appear on-screen are seamlessly brought on-stage through a series of carefully timed illusions.  The characters catch shooting stars, playfully battle with constellations & conspire to paint the forms which they must master during their dynamic live performance.  As this illusion is continuously repeated throughout the show, the Audience experiences being transported on an adventure through the mystery & beauty of space.  

LED/ Light Dance

LED Cyr Wheel

2-8 Artists / 30 minutes
All Ages/ Indoor- Outdoor



Light Dance
with options for LED Cyr Wheel and Aerial Dance
Discover Spectrum

Fire Dance & Light Dance
with options for LED Cyr Wheel and Aerial Dance
Discover Firefly


Roaring 20’s-themed Fire Dance Show
Discover Swing Palace


Fire Dance
with options for Fire Cyr Wheel and Aerial Dance
Discover Caldera

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