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Fusion Arts Jugglers include ex Cirque du Soleil & Gandini Juggling Artists. Their glow juggling acts have become a popular hit- a magical marriage of the most advanced light technology available and virtuoso juggling.

The colors of the clubs are pre-programmed to be completely in time with the music, pulsating, jumping and fading in and out of mesmerising colour palettes. Beneath the high tech façade and pretty colors lies a steady foundation built from years of performing some of the most complex and difficult juggling patterns on the planet.

Our existing glow routines range in theme from elegant and classic to upbeat and modern. We are able to cater to event themes by programming the clubs to change colour in time with event music.

In addition to glow, we perform solo, duo, 4 and 6 person juggling acts with big balls, classic pins, rings and fire.

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