Custom-Built Big Flame Fire Ropes

Choose the big flame fire rope specs which are right for you! Use our order form at the bottom of this page to see options for size, length & handle type.


This is an extremely hot prop and as such, may only be used by experienced professionals confident with handling large flames in close proximity. Protective gloves are required (nomex) and sleeves are recommended.  

Our Big Flame Fire Ropes are true to their name and are specifically designed to create giant flames.  You’ve got to have a bit of muscle and some confidence with big flames to wield these.  We offer two diameters of tape wick, 13mm (.5″) for the ambitious & 19mm (.75″) for the truly mad.


Longer Burn Time:
Many fire ropes are made with a single length of kevlar rope. The reason why the flame on these doesn’t last is due to wind exposure across the entire surface of the wick- the air easily consumes the fuel and diminishes the flame. Our weave provides a varied surface, allowing the flame to hide in pockets.
Bigger & Brighter Flame:
Fusion Arts Fire Ropes soak up much more fuel than average ropes and boast a bigger and brighter flame with longer burn time.  Choose your desired burn time and weight by bottle fuelling!
Bendable Length:
Our weave is bendable, unlike most rope designs. This makes planes and stalling much more comfortable (think led poi vs led poi sticks). It’s so bendy, you can even do spiral wraps (gloves recommended).
Long life:
Classic fire rope designs have a short lifetime. After several burns, the burn-time decreases, the edges become charred and the wick may begin cracking and fraying. Our fire ropes have a much longer lifetime.


Our Big Flame Fire Ropes retail for 135€- 215€ depending upon the desired amount of wick (30cm-70cm).  Find detailed info on pricing in the order form below.


There is no tax added to the total.  All prices listed here include sales tax.  We are based in FRANCE.  Shipping costs are 15€ for rope shipments within Europe and 25€ for international rope shipments.


All orders are custom. Once you’ve submitted the form, we’ll contact you within 3 business days to confirm your desired specifications and supply you with an estimated delivery date. Once these are confirmed, we’ll send you an invoice. Delivery time is typically less than 2 weeks depending upon our current performance & teaching schedule.  If you need your props quickly, feel free to contact us to inquire about possible delivery time.

Please complete the order form with as much info as possible. If you are unsure about any specifications, have questions or comments, please include a message.


Add a pair of pro fire poi or a pro fire staff to your order & enjoy a 10% discount!  Check out our fire dance shop page & complete the order forms at the bottom of each product page.


Inspiration & the first specs for this design came from Vatra, founder of the Pyronauts!  Thanks!!!


Double Loop Handles:  The double finger loop is made so that one finger is inserted into each loop. This is the finger loop style we recommend for beginners.
Single Loop Handles:  The single finger loop is made so the loop can be folded over and will cinch down between your fingers. This makes for a very secure grip. The faster you spin the tighter the grip pulls on your fingers. Many people prefer this grip as it feels more secure. Note, when you fold the finger loop it shortens the total length of the poi by 2.5cm (1″).
Pomgrip Handles:  We import these & fit them out with washer(s), technora rope & a swivel.  They have a great feel!

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