Join a fun and diverse group

for daily poi & staff classes, theatrical games, yoga and fire jams.
Srikanta teaches Fire Dance Retreats at several exotic locations annually; in Asia, the Americas and in Southern Europe. The week and two-week-long Retreats combine a full immersion in dance-based fire dance with pristine nature and adventure expeditions.

For anyone who wants to do more than stand still and spin.

In addition to learning patterns in which the body is static (fire spinning), students will learn the patterns and techniques for turning, jumping, kicking, etc, in which the body is as implicated as the object (fire dancing).

“I went last year and this was such an amazing time! Be prepared to work hard and learn tons! Srikanta is a fantastic teacher. And then you can go spot howler monkeys and relax in paradise.”
Jennifer Knot Biswas (Costa Rica 2012)


The instruction will be most beneficial for those who can already do some specific basic patterns. During the workshops, different levels will progress along different tracks, but its best if everyone begins with a minimum of technical knowledge. Please watch Srikanta’s Fire Dance Workshop Prerequisite Videos for the poi and staff before enrolling to verify that you are properly prepared for the workshop. If you still need to learn the basics- don’t worry! You can prepare with online videos (contact Srikanta for references).

Typical Retreat Concepts:

Combination & linking movements
Transitioning smoothly between patterns
Fluidity/ Grace/ Levels/ Rhythm/ Isolation
Bending Time: Changing Rhythm & Speed
Stage Presence: Embodiment/ Owning & Filling the Space
Improvisation- Freedom of Movement/ Expression
Being grounded & carrying your weight
Momentum & using the force
Dynamic Fire Dance Choreography
Effective Implementation of Movement
Elements in Choreography & Performance
How to break things down/ teach yourself
Optimizing your practice


Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Weaving Patterns, Transitions & Turns, Under-the-leg Patterns, Behind-the-back Weaves, Extensions, Flowers, Stalls, Wraps, Anti-spin, Tracing, Tangles, Kicks, Jumps, Cartwheels, Waist Wraps, Butterfly Variations

Vertical: Directions, Warrior Patterns 1-4, Turns, Buzz-saw, Clock, Behind-the-back, Tosses, Turning Tosses, Kicks & Under the Leg, Cartwheels, Isolation & Anti-spin

Horizontal: Helicopter, Around-the-waist, H Clock, H Clock Turning, Slice Turning & Harnessing Momentum, Palm Spin, Under the Leg Slices & Exchanges, H Cartwheels, H Tosses

Contact: Vertical & Horizontal Hand Wraps, Finger Rolls, Neck Wraps, Conveyor Belt, Palm-to-Neck-to-Palm Rolls (Steve), Dove Tailing, The V Steve, The Matrix

Body Movement & Dance:
Turning in different planes, Cartwheels, Kicks, Under-the-leg steps, Pirouettes, Grand Pas De Bourré Jeté, Capoeira, Floorwork, Extended Jumps, Barrel Jumps, Butterfly Jumps, Aerials

Tentative Daily Schedule:

8:15-9:45 am: Poi or Staff Workshop
10:15-11:45 am: Poi or Staff Workshop
11:00 am – 4:00 pm: Free Time
4:00-5:30 pm: Yoga
5:45-7:45 pm: First hour-assisted play & experimentation time. Second hour- impromptu glow/ fire jam.
In addition to this action-packed daily routine, the group sets out on waterfall hikes, snorkeling, horse-back riding, boat trips & more.

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